Monday, March 29

Wednesday, January 13

WOD 1-13-10

Tabata Protocol
:20 Work
:10 Rest

4 Exercises
8 Sets Each
:60 Second rest between

1- Heavy Kettlebell Swings
2- Stationary Bike Sprints
3- Kettlebell Push Ups
4- Slam Ball

The Push up portion was brutal, the last couple of sets were just planks, and even those were hard. Just shows that if you avoid push ups you never get good at them!

The Slam Ball finisher is the best. Haven't found anything that matches the intensity of this exercise yet!

Maybe ropes are next on the horizon...

Monday, January 11

Leg PT

Full session of Knee PT

10:00 Stationary Bike
Straight Leg Lifts
Theraband leg work
Step Ups
Theraband Squats
Single leg reverse lunges

In Line skating

Saturday, January 9


Today's effort -

10:00 Stationary Bike
Sprint intervals

In Line skating 4 miles

Friday, January 8


Another theme workout. I need a purpose to stay on track.

Warm Up
10:00 Stationary Bike

100 Swings
100 Snatches
100 24" Box step ups
100 Slams

Cool down ab stuff

Time 45:43

500 Calories
19% Fat Calories
125 Average Heart Rate
167 Max Heart Rate

15:02 Fat Burn
30:41 Fitness

Tuesday, January 5

Just begin already...

Had trouble starting this one. Just didn't have much motivation.

Until I started!

10:00 Stationary Bike

-Clean & Press Ladders
2 sets
-Row Ladders
2 Sets
-Kettlebell Push Up Ladders
2 Sets
-Lunges 15 Reps
2 Sets
-Step Ups 15 Reps
2 Sets
-Right Leg 1/2 pistols

100 Slam Balls

Sunday, January 3

One down...

I set a few goals for 2010 a couple days ago. I've already completed one of them. I wanted to set some that I knew I could accomplish.

One Down!

40 Sets of MaxVo2
80 Total (40R, 40L)
Snatches 16 Kg
7 Reps per
47 Minutes counting warm up and cool down

565 Calories burned
16% fat
Max Heart Rate 150
Average 127